Amazon finds that you need & make great stocking stuffers!

Amazon finds! Most are under $5.

1. Microwave potato chip baking tray. You can use it to make apple chips, carrot and a lot more. $7>

2. Reusable make up remover cloths that only need water to work. 3 for $4>

3. Vegetable flower peeler. This makes dressing up food much easier! Cute gift for a hostess or chef $2>

5. Jar grips. You’ll never need help opening up a jar again! $5>

4. For the person who hates waking up earlier: A vibrating alarm clock. Also works for those that are hard or hearing. $26>

6. Purse hook $15.No one wants to put their purse on germy floors!>

7. Silicone sponges. They’re resistant to mold and bacteria build up and you can wash them in the dishwasher. Eliminates the need to buy sponges. $20 for a set of 4. >

8. Purse light $11.99. Let’s face it we all need this! >

9. Wallet Ninja. This tool is the size of a credit card but has 18 tool capabilities! Ruler, screwdriver, cell phone stand, can opener, bottle opener… and a lot more! $10.99>

10. Silicone bottle brush. Silicone is mold and bacteria resistant. $8.80>

11. Wrist rest. If you use a computer most of the day you might want to consider one of these. Helps relieve wrist fatigue when typing endlessly $7> 🖤Fancier version>

12. Palm Vegetable peeler. This peeler is more ergonomic and speeds up the peeing process $6>

13. Odor rub away bar. This is my all time favorite and I buy it for everyone! This metal bar of soap removes onion and garlic smell from your hands. One for $8 or 2 for $14>

14. Hypoallergic Make up brush cleaner $5>

15. Reusable rubber ties. Great for wrapping up wires $2.89>

16. Storage bins $2 > 🖤 $3>

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Hi! My name is Domenique Trupia. I am a Physician Assistant living in South Florida. I graduated from the Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Masters Program at Pace University in Manhattan. I work in the field of Anti-Aging, Aesthetic Medicine. I am happily married to the most amazing man in the world! We just got married in July 2018 and we're house hunting (what a nightmare! lol) On this blog you will find a mix of topics I'm passionate about including medicine, health, clean eating, travel & fashion. No one is one-dimensional so why should our blogs be?! I'll be including tips and tricks I've learned over the years in all categories and some procedure pics and videos in my field of Aesthetic Medicine. Stay tuned! I hope you enjoy my page and feel free to ask questions! So glad you found me :) Xx, Domenique

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