Unique & Meaningful Gifts for those that are grieving during the holidays

In the last year we’ve lost my grandmother, my dog and now my grandfather is on his death bed. My mother has suffered the unimaginable loss of both parents and has had a emotionally stressful year.

What do you give someone that has everything they need or want and is grieving during the holiday season? I wracked my brain over this for weeks. I searched google, I read blogs about grieving and I asked friends. Then I found a unique gift on Etsy that perfectly fit the bill!

My grandparents we’re both known for their cooking. My grandmother specialized in what she called traditional Italian recipes and my grandfather for items only. The first, was what he called “jumbort” which basically means a mix of things AKA eggs over whatever last nights dinner was and the second was his famous apple pie that he made from scratch.

Knowing that mother was moving into a new home in just a few short months I wanted to contribute something to her new house that would bring the essence of my grandparents. I decided to have my grandparents recipes, in their own handwriting, printed on kitchen tea towels. Luckily, my cousin had kept a book of their recipes and I was able to get them authentically translated on to beautiful towels.

Tea towels are nothing special but the little hint of my grandparents living on in my moms new home was the most thoughtful way I could think to incorporate them in her life. I can only imagine the emotional distress and void of not having a parent around. I’m hoping every time she feels that grief she can look at the tea towels and remember the good times of cooking with them.

These tea towels can be purchased on Etsy.com from BlueMountainBags

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